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I'm personally going to hold your hand until you're rich. Trading for a living is not so complicated. I'll show you how it's done and you can replicate exactly what I do.

If you're sincere about your day trading and eager to learn more high-level professional day trading approaches, then this is the package for you.

In day trading you need an "EDGE" over other traders. That "edge" is something you see, and others don't - and that's exactly what this course is designed to give you: an "Invisible Edge."

What you learn in this trading course will enable you to not only day trade any market in any time frame, but also to position trade, swing trade, intermediate-term trade, or long-term trade any market, any time, anywhere in the world.

Amit will give you the information you need to help you succeed beyond your wildest dreams. Amit shares with you the ultimate achievement:

Learn from Master Trader Amit Trivedi — we know this trading course will forever change your understanding of the markets and be a life-changing experience for you.

There are Two Levels of this course. - Basic and Advanced Level.
In Basic course you will learn(Two Days: 4 Hours Duration each Day):
  • How to day trade using NP – SwingKnight Trading System
  • How to see major and minor support/resistance areas on intraday charts and volatility of market using NP – SwingKnight Trading System that others don't
  • How to analyze market on multiple time frame.
  • How to analyze the real nature of market behaviour on intraday charts during market hours.
  • How to analyze market on broader market dynamics and context.
  • How to use a super-powerful intra-day INDICATOR almost every amateur ignores
  • How to choose the absolute PERFECT time interval for your day trading charts for any market
  • The techniques to identify the imbalance of supply/demand created by the smart money.

FOR A LIMITED TIME BASIC COURSE FEE IS 25,000 9,600 All Inclusive.

In Advanced course You'll get(6-8 Days: 2-3 Hours a Day after Market Hours):
  • Most Important Feature: Creating a Day Trading Plan. (1-2 Days workshops)
  • You'll get Trading Techniques available only for Mutual Funds and Hedge Funds Managers.
  • How the prices are manipulated by smart money to misguide the uninformed traders.
  • How to see key turning points using GANN Techniques that others don't
  • Calculate intraday targets using GANN Angles Techniques before market open and during market hours.
  • How to know when big boys are buying or selling and follow them quietly
  • How to use excellent money management techniques to avoid frequently stopped out
  • How to quickly cut down your risk after entry? This one Money Management strategy alone may save you thousands, even lakhs of rupees
  • How to analyze market on broader market.
  • The most powerful techniques for trading GAPS
  • How to use VOLUME in your day trading
  • How to use Ichimoku Cloud, Fibonacci and GANN Techniques for setting profit targets

Other benefits of taking the Advanced course:

1. You will learn to protect your capital.

2. You will learn proven Methods & Techniques for handling emotions and mental stress.

2. Using NP – SwingKnight Trading System, you will greatly simplify your trading life.

3. You will never again have to worry about what prices are going to do, because once you understand the NP – SwingKnight Trading System, you will know where prices will go.

4. Using the NP – SwingKnight, You will enter trades when they have the highest probability of being correct. You will be selective in your trading, learning to take the best of the best, leaving the questionable trades behind, and profit by so doing.

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