Nifty Futures and Options Combo
Nifty Futures and Options Combo

Nifty Futures and Options Trading is one of our Premium Product. This product is especially designed for traders who trade actively in Nifty Futures but stopped out most of the times and incur more losses than profits. They are missing the essential ingredient in their trading i.e., Money Management and hedging. Using our Nifty Futures and Options Combo, they can trade confidently without taking any risks and no losses provided you follow our instructions and trades completely.

We provide Nifty Futures and Options Combo calls based on our proprietary strategies specially designed for trading in Nifty Futures and Options in such a way that no matter whether market moves up or down, we end up making profits which may vary between 5% - 15% PM depending on market conditions and timings of taking our trades.

  • Usually Calls are provided for one month's expiry. In some cases we may also suggest to buy/sell far month's options depending on the trend in the market
  • After the expiry of current month's Nifty Cycle, new subscription cycle will start
  • Traders can trade any number of lots, but a minimum of 7 big lots (1Big Lot = 100 Nifty Shares) will be considered for profits calculations
  • Accuracy 100%
  • Monthly 10 – 20 Trading Calls
  • All calls will be positional calls. You have to have sufficient margins to hold Futures (Long and Short) and Options sell calls till the expiry of the Nifty Cycle for minimum of 25 big lots of Nifty
  • Calls Will Be Given Only On SMS, Phone & Chat Room
  • Fee 50,000 30,000/Month and 5,00,000 3,00,000/Year

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